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Kathleen Horner

Kathleen Horner

Greenville, SC - United States

Being a visual artist for decades, I always had an eye for taking photographs. My love affair with the camera happened years ago when I purchased a Nikon film camera and discovered the magic and allure of photography. Several years ago, I discovered digital photography and remain hooked to this day. I am always learning something new about seeing life through the camera lens and continue to be amazed by the technology of the digital camera and how it captures light, shadows and colors creating a fascinating dance between the eye and the camera lens! Over the years I have developed a multi-faceted photography style ranging from simple natural light photography work to artistically mastered digital art covering a wide variety of subject matter in traditional, interpreted abstract and fantasy photography styles.



The Cosmos

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Sea Goddesses

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Cat Whimsy

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Night Sky

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Irish Windows

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Standing Stones

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Irish Doors

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